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Hold on to that little voice inside your head, that dreams of ...   Iman W (Just Try)


If Snow White was a songwriter and had a smoother voice, she would be Iman Wain. Iman's gentle melodies and sweet tone incite images of summer mornings and small woodland creatures congregating at her feet; so compelling, even the busiest mind would find it hard not to stop and listen. -- Meghan Morrison​​

Iman Wain pulls you in with smooth vocals and guitar strums that speak of rainfall & ocean tides. Conveying a soulful blend of jazzy folk-pop. Iman’s heartfelt approach to songwriting lays bare internal dialogue in the most understated way, melting your heart before you realize it.


I've been singing as long as I can remember, but it wasn't till I picked up the guitar that songwriting became a thing for me and am I ever glad it did.


So far I've had the opportunity to perform in some pretty cool places. Toronto venues including The Central, Hughes Room, C'est What?, The Velvet UnderGround, The Gladstone and many others. I've also played at Pride, Toronto City Roots Festival, Toronto’s Winter Folk Festival and Mississauga’s Streetsville Arts Festival. I used to sing in an Afro-Funk/Reggae band called Jokko and we played pretty regularly at Ottawa clubs including Mercury Lounge, Babylon, and opened for K’naan at Zaphod Beeblebrox. I also sang the national anthem at Ottawa 67s hockey games for a season. Singing to a stadium full of people was kinda fun...okay really fun. I did attend Seneca's IMP program during which time I collaborated with pretty much everyone in my class two of those collabortions ended up on The May Intake (2010) plus I sang bakcup on many of the tracks as I do love to harmonize. I have been hopping onto some recordings and live shows with my friends GG Cole & Lakeview more reccently (what a great group of guys).   


The last little while has seen me take a bit of a breather from performing live, and focusing on songwriting. There are already quiet a few videos on youtube 'basement pods' and a recently started new series of online videos/audio called 'Just Playing' and hopfully you can enjoy those for now. Check out the music and home page for links.


My hope for the future (besides world peace of course) is that I am able to write more and share more (with you), and that perhaps you’ll find something useful in what I share – weather that is comfort in dark times, a reason to dance around in your living room or remembrance of the feeling of sunshine on your face. Stay tuned. With love, Iman



“Beneath the robes you wear for the world I see a heart that beating,

Before everything you are and everything you will be I see a heart that’s beating,

And while your hearts still beating would you concede to being less than you feel,

Less than you feel…” – Iman W (- Breath Easy)


Iman Wain 

Singer Songwriter 

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